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abby is a beautiful tropical fish and anyone who hurts her is someone I would murder probably.

Anonymous yodeled: 21 yr old anon here... How do I tell my mom to stop pushing me into a relationship with the guy in a polite manner?

tell her you appreciate her caring about it, but you’re not really looking for a relationship (or you’re uncomfortable with it, whatever it is you’re feeling- i don’t wanna put words in your mouth) just do your best to explain to her how you feel. remember that even if it’s not really helping, she does have your best interest in mind, so try to see it from her point of view so you don’t get into an argument

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Anonymous yodeled: Kendall! I just found out that my YouTube celebrity crush and I have the same birthday! Are we soulmates?! 😍😍😍

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Anonymous yodeled: (Best friend anon): it was just last night and she's mentioned before he came over to her house that she didn't want anything to happen, but earlier today she told me that they've done it. She said that "it just happened" & I feel like she's going along with what he wants because she doesn't want to lose him...

oh okay well try talking to her to find out if she really actually wants it to happen and make sure she knows that if she doesn’t want to she doesn’t have to do anything, and if he doesn’t respect that then he’s not worth keeping around. 

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Anonymous yodeled: I'm turning 21 in 2 months and I still haven't had my first kiss and my mom keeps telling me to go out with this guy that I haven't even talked to in over a year and he's also in another country so I don't even see the point. But at the same time, my mom doesn't want me to have a bf till I finish college and it's just so weird. Ugh.

ugh really it’s okay that you haven’t kissed anyone. if you meet someone tomorrow, great! if you meet someone in a year, great! if it takes multiple years, great! IT DOESN’T MATTER. you are your own person, don’t put your worth in whether or not you’ve been involved with another person

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Anonymous yodeled: I'm worried about my best friend cos she's only met, (and by that I mean less than a month), the guy she's with and she's already gone all the way with him. I'm scared for her. She's not normally like this.

okay this may sound rude but really her having sex is not something you should worry about. it’s her decision, if you think he is coercing her into doing it that’s a totally different story. but if they’re both fully consenting it really isn’t an issue. 

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thegirlwiththecookies yodeled: Hey. Hey, Kendall. I follow you because you're a pretty awesome person and my dash is boring without you. Also, love the fact that you interact with your followers quite a lot! :D

thank you so much omg

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Anonymous yodeled: My spring break is almost over and all I've done is eat, sleep, masturbate, and go on tumblr.

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"Today she walked into the room and I thought ‘oh she’s not going to be walking in rooms anymore’. She’s absolutely spellbinding. Now she’s done all she could with the part and hopefully she’s off to become a great big Hollywood movie star."-Matt Smith

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You almost don’t want to say cut because she’s crying so much.

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Anonymous yodeled: The last man on earth was sat at his table when he heard a knock at the door...

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Anonymous yodeled: There was a girl who had been broken too many times, and wanted to be fixed. After too much time, she discovered that the only person who could fix her was herself, and she did. But she was never again the same person.

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Our new Queen of Cool

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