I'm kinda on hiatus but I still show up randomly.

My same
abby is a beautiful tropical fish and anyone who hurts her is someone I would murder probably.

i need a background for this and i was thinking of either

any preferences or other ideas?

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  2. whoufflegal said: Rooooses. It would be creepy and pretty and perfect
  3. jensendances answered: Wow, that’s so good. I think water color splatters with roses would look cool, or off-color watercolor roses?
  4. oswhin answered: i like the geometric watercolour thing
  5. myamelia answered: wow this looks lovely. i’d say something with watercolour, this would look great
  6. tiime-and-spaace answered: watercolor is beautiful, you should do something with it, or the last 3, or just watercolor wash, idk
  7. cutehanji said: Rosessssss
  8. flyawaybay said: Water colour splatters!
  9. mrdarvill answered: how do you art omg but i like the geometric watercolor
  10. rivursong said: allllll of it yesss